Its the Final Countdown……………………

Ed Mooney Photography

Ruinhunter collage (640x512)Some of you will already know, but this blog ihas been nominated for and made it into  the shortlist for not one, but two categories in this years Irish Blog Awards. And I am absolutley over the moon. I had never been one for allocades and awards, and was just happy that someone else enjoyed my mix of images and history.. But I must admit, it feels pretty damn good to recieve such regognition. There have been many great blogs nominated this year, some of which I though where much more deserving than mine, so I am deeply honored to have made it to this stage.

Yesterday voting was opened to the public, these public votes will represent 30% of overall score for this round of judging. Voting is open until the 21st September and the finalists will be announced soon after. So I am currently in two categories this year…

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