Spooktacular 2015

Ed Mooney Photography

Sppoktacular (640x366)

Today is the first day of October, which marks the countdown to my absolute favourite time of the year, Samhain/Halloween. For the last couple of years, my Ruinhunting activities tend to die off during the month, mainly due to poor weather and access to many of the sites that I visit. But I keep my blog going with an assortment of the otherworld and Halloween Themed posts. The Bram Stoker Festival has featured these past two years along with Irish based tales concerning Gaelic Mythology and Supernatural customs and Traditions such as An Púca, the faerie Ghost, the Bean-sidhe an Irish harbinger of Sorrow , An Dullahan, the real Headless Horseman, Dearg-Due, an ancient Irish Vampire and the Wizard Earl of Kilkea Castle to name but a few.

An Púca An Púca

So this year got me thinking, with the success of the Capturing History Challenge, I thought, Why…

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