Capturing History Challenge Week 11

Ed Mooney Photography

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Well after the double challenge last week, everyone must be worn out. We only have three images this week, to which I have added two of my own. But never theless we got some great places to see, all with a unique history. Hopefully everyone will be well rested and back in action for next week.

This week we start of in India, with another one of those stunning city gates from Dehli. Then we head of to the Sunny Algarve to see the church of St. Lawrence in Portugal. Next up we travel into the depts of Yucatán, to see the ancient Mayan Palace of Sayil in Mexico. Then we head back to Ireland to see a fascinating pair of Standing Stones known as the Adam & Eve Stones in Saggart. Finally we move across to Cruagh to see a rather unusual Watchtower located within a graveyard.


1. Turkman Gate, Old Dehli…

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